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Take five minutes to complete our test. It may be the wisest five minutes you have ever spent!


    1. Have your ever wished that you could just pick up the phone and talk to legal counsel or advocate?

    2. You have a questions on a legal document, contract, adoption papers, license renewals. 

    3. Why didn’t you have someone to call? Was it because your pockets just aren’t deep enough to afford the

                   $250-450 that an attorney charges for an hour of their time?

    4. If you needed an attorney would you first have to make a financial decision? Maybe which bill could be let

                   go till next month in order to have the cash needed for a retainer fee most attorney’s require?

    5. Would you refer to the yellow pages to find an attorney, or ask a friend for the name of one?


    6. If you walked into one of the top law firms in your area and they offered you all of the services above for approximately

                   $30-$40 dollars per month, would you want to do it to protect your family?

    7. If you had an allegation filed on you would you be at a loss as to what to do, who to call? Or even what to expect?

    8. Would you like to have an Administrative Law attorney that you could call? 

    9.  If your allegation turned into a criminal charge would you have to search for another attorney, a criminal law attorney? 

    10. Would you like to learn more about allegations, documentation, or Administrative law?

Did you answer any of these questions "YES"?

If you did,  click here.