Did you know; Foster Parents

What is "In Loco Parentis.”

By Marilyn Harrison

Most of us, as parents have had one of our children hand them a permission slip, to sign when they are going on a field trip with their class. Did you ever stop to think about why they need one?

Let's discuss that subject. "in loco parentis" sounds complicated? Latin, for acting in place of or acting on behalf of the parents. Which means when you, as a parent, enroll your child (ren) in a public school the school has your permission to act on your behalf for your child (ren). If there is an incident where they need to take action they can. As long as your child is on the school grounds, this is in effect. Whenever your child leaves the school grounds, this stops, and this is where the permission slip comes in. Ever wonder why they needed a permission slip to take your child off of the school campus? Most parents think it is for insurance purposes.

The problem that we encounter begins for both you and your child (ren) when CPS comes to the school because a complaint has come to their attention. They can not only enter the school under the protection of this loop-hole established so many years ago, but, can interrogate your child (ren) without your knowledge via visa the schools powers under "In Loco Parentis." They have total access to your child (ren).

Doubt that this is true? We have one highly publicized case in Arizona, to verify this is happening. This case is significant to all parents across the United States. A brief synopsis follows;

A 10-year-old female was taken to the school office and subjected to a strip search after a classmate told a school official that the student obtained a prescription-strength ibuprofen pill from this other student. In an 8-1 decision, the high court determined school officials had no reason to suspect concealed drugs in her undergarments when he ordered the school nurse and an administrative assistant — both women — to conduct the search.

“The Supreme Court saw this exactly as the public did, said Adam Wolf, “Eight of the nine justices had no problem coming to the same conclusion as the public.”. This court’s decision “will protect the well-being and constitutional rights of schoolchildren. This judge added that children who find themselves in a situation similar to this one —who are being forced to comply with a strip search — will have legal recourse.

Now you're asking yourself, but how is this possible in the United States of America? Children have rights too. There is a thing called the Hatch Agreement designed to guarantee that parents can and do maintain the all the rights in determining their child's welfare, discipline, and educational path.

What Is It? How Does It Apply To You?

We have identified the term "In Loco Parentis." It means in place of or instead of the parents. “In Loco Parentis” is utilized in public schools all over America. They have your permission the moment your child (ren) starts attending the public school to act in place of you to care for, and supervise your child.

Child Protective Services through the “public school system” blatantly bypasses your parental rights allowing social workers and other officials to interview your child (ren) upon school grounds. An instrument called the “Hatch Letter” predicated on the “Hatch Act” is designed to give back the power to the parents. However, we have found that most principals bypass this agreement, and whenever you, the parent, ask for this document to be placed into your child (ren) file it makes little difference if any. Although we encourage every parent to file this document at your child's school, making sure the Principal is aware.

Take the time to look at the Constitutional Rights card that we recommend that your child (ren) carry with them at all times. (Please find a copy following this document).

See newspaper article about this, illegal search and seizure that took place in AZ.

What can you do to protect your child (ren)? Enters the "Hatch Letter" or sometimes referred to as the "Hatch Agreement."

The Hatch Letter, Parents, if you will use the Hatch Letter to demand that your child is educated and not made into a social engineering test pieces and teach them "The Declaration of Independence" and "The Constitution," your child will be prepared to take our country back!

You see, what this document does it puts the school on notification that you will be notified if CPS or anyone shows up at the school to interview/interrogate you child (ren).

Of course, some school officials choose to ignore this agreement due to the fact that sometimes school officials are terrified of standing up for and the protection of your child (ren) against CPS. What would your principal do? Make and appointment with him/her and talk about the Hatch agreement.

This Hatch letter also covers other things that take place in your school without your knowledge such as;

Parents have the right of assurance that their children's beliefs and moral values are not be undermined by the schools. Pupils have the right to have and to hold their values and moral standards without direct or indirect manipulations by the schools through the curricula, textbooks, audio-visual materials or supplementary assignments.

Under the Hatch Amendment goes on to state; “I at this moment request that my child shall NOT be involve in any school activities or materials listed unless I have first reviewed all the relevant materials and have given my written consent for their use:

Psychological and psychiatric treatment that is designed to affect the behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal characteristics of an individual or designed to elicit information about attitudes, habits, traits, opinions, beliefs or feelings of an individual or;

Values clarifications, use of moral dilemmas, discussion of religious or moral standards, role-playing or open- ended discussions of situations involving moral issues, and survival games including life/death decision exercises;

Contrived incidents for self-revelation; sensitivity training, group encounter sessions, talk-ins, magic-circle techniques, self- evaluation and auto-criticism; strategies designed for self- disclosure including the keeping of a diary or a journal.

Surprises you does it not? A Hatch Letter is necessary to protect the rights of your children? A complete copy of this agreement is available at nfpcar.org

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself.

Written by your advocate Marilyn Harrison