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Be aware that as a foster parent, you are a allegations target!
You are essentially riding the allegator(alligator)


When an allegation is filed against you, or someone in your family, it can be the most devastating experience your family members have ever had.

In most states, if the allegation is involving physical or sexual abuse, your foster children are immediately removed from your home.  Understand, that your own children can  be removed also at this time. You watch helplessly as your children are being ripped from your loving arms and away from  their home.  The trauma of this experience is a frightening and life altering for the children as well as yourself.

At that time, you are given no explanation for this disruption of your normal family
life. You are offered few or no answers to your questions.  Your immediate reaction is panic.  You pick up the phone and dial your social worker, who just yesterday was your friend. 

You must understand that your social worker cannot talk to you about the allegation that has been filed.  I personally have seen social workers cry because they are helpless to assist the people they care about, they are required to sever all ties with you immediately upon an allegation pending.

So, here you are, your children gone, you don’t know where they have been taken, and no one will tell you anything. No one will talk to you.  You are alone. You have never felt so isolated. You never experienced this kind of desperation before in your entire life.

Foster Parent and Alligator

When the initial shock wears off you begin thinking logically again.  You begin seeking counsel, with friends, other foster parents, family, anyone who will listen to you.  At this point you don't know to either wait it out hoping that whatever the allegation is will be found unsubstantiated and dropped, to obtain an attorney to fight it, or try to fight it yourself.


You are told that you should obtain the services of an attorney, not by your accusers, but by your fellow foster parents, who have been through this themselves.  If you have saved a little emergency money set aside for this such an occasion.

Think about the next step !  What would that be !  How does one go about locating an attorney that specializes in legal problems associated with Foster Parenting.  Do you pick up the yellow pages ? Ok,  go get your telephone yellow pages.  Did you look at it ? Under what heading do you seek an attorney ?  Family Law is the workable choice,  but it should be  “Administrative Law”.

Unfortunately in most yellow pages you won’t find this specialized field of law even listed.

So which attorney do you call ?  Your only logical choice is to use the attorney a friend or maybe a fellow foster parent recommends.

Trusting your family's future to an attorney you really know nothing about could have dire consequences. You haven't a clue as to this attorney's reputation or his/her capabilities.

Keep in mind,  that, if you do nothing, this allegation will remain on your fostering record for up to five years.  If you have child abuse on your record you will not be able to obtain employment as a teacher, teaching assistant, police officer, child care worker, or any involvment with or being around children.  Even if you are found innocent of all wrong doing. It will be there for five years unless you have an attorney FORCEFULLY remove it from your record.

Now we come back to the financial side of this scenario.  Attorneys across the country charge an average of $250-$450 per hour for their time.  They always want a portion of this cash up front to be retained as your attorney of record. Do you have $5,000 or even $1,000 that can be re-routed or re-budgeted to this purpose.

Most of us have the same answer, NO! Especially foster parents, who traditionally use all of their financial resources, and then some, to care for and love other peoples children as their own.

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“Why do you need us?”

For an answers and help.

Lovingly written, not to frighten, but to warn……by Marilyn Harrison
National Administrator for Foster Parents Legal Solutions
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