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“Your Shelter from the Storm”

Foster Parents Legal Solutions
Yor Sh
elter in the Storm

Foster Parents Legal Solutions was founded fifteen years ago. Our mandate was forged from direct personal involvement. We witnessed, first hand, the foster parent dilemma. We have personally experienced the bureaucratic quagmire with its personnel maze leading down the path to a legal and social abyss. We were made painfully aware of the need for a safety net against this out of control run away “child protection system”.

The term “Child Protection System” being, in to many cases, a gross misnomer. Foster Parents Legal Solutions was thus founded with a mission to develop such a safety net, hone it on the field of battle, and make it available to each and every foster parent across the Nation. The FPLS team’s tools and commitments are not products of an engineering or marketing department idea or a boardroom business planning session. Rather, they have been created and continue to be developed by people who truly have been there. People who have been through the storm. Those caring individuals who have felt and experienced the loneliness, vulnerability, frustration and devastation of falling into this abyss.

One of the tools in particular, from the Foster Parents Legal Solutions’ tool chest, being cited in conjunction with this introduction is not the “end all” drug or “miracle” cure, and is definitely far from the entire treatment. It is an essential initial buffer and preventative medicine measure to start you on the path to healthy and secure legal posturing.

Our slogan for the foster parent is “It shouldn’t hurt to help.”

Our reasoning for endeavoring to become part of the foster parents’ team is summed up in this bit of
Louisiana, wisdom.

It is impossible to concentrate on draining the swamp (Foster Parenting)  
when you are up to your butt in alligators.” (Allegators)(Allegations)

There will be more about Foster Parents Legal Solutions and our tools as you continue to browse through this web site.

Call Foster Parents Legal Solutions for more information at 1-877-FPA-CHILD

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